Testimonials from our happy customers

Hello Shaun and Barry: 

Thank you for all of your work and patience with me during the past 3 years that we have been associated through Idea Box Marketing.  The website has paid dividends as you explained to me when we decided to go with you fellows.  It has been a good ride; in the past 6 months I have been able to open at least 1 or 2 accounts per month, some of them at considerable profit like the one for the month of June that brought in $1500.00 profit on a shipment of foam and boxes to Oklahoma.  The one item that I get calls for every month has been the dividers or partition sets.

Again thank you for all of your work, I will recommend you and your company to anybody that is looking for a company to do their website.  Please feel free to use me as reference.  

Kindest regards,  

Fred Garcia, President
Creative Corrugated Designs, Inc.

Visit the sites we built for Fred here:

I had Shaun set up my website for me... It has helped me with my business, grow my customers. It has been a very very positive thing for me. And it has enabled me to reach clientele that I normally wouldn't have been able to reach before. I now have a web presence which makes a big difference because most people now days go to the web.

Andy Villaescusa A Plus Sprinkler and Landscape

“In all honesty, I've got to say, it's one of the smartest, best business moves I have ever made. It has given me probably 70% more business than what I had before I had the web site ... I am getting hits on the web site from all over the world. I am getting calls from people saying, "I saw you on the web site. You have the neatest web page." In fact I am getting ready to do a big job on bicycles where the guy found me on the web. He is probably 80 miles away, and was so impressed with the web site that he wants me to do the job. And there are probably 15 to 20 powder coaters between me and where his office is.”

Mike 5-Star Powder Coating

Ellsworth Marketing set up our website, set up all our blogs, has tied in all our keywords with Google and AdWords to make everything work in a nice tight little bundle, and I highly recommend them.

We needed more marketing in the area... Shaun at Ellsworth Marketing designed my site and we seem to be getting a nice, even flow over the phone lines and a lot of contact information over the website.

Ron Lee Sierra Locksmith http://277websitedesign.com/sierra-locksmith-testimonial

Dear Prospective Customer: My business relationship with Ellsworth Marketing has been nothing other than excellent. This past tax season I launched my own tax business. Mr. Ellsworth designed a business logo, a brochure, and webpage at a very affordable price. He was meticulous in making sure that his work was accurate, and met my satisfaction. He revised my final product several times until it met my satisfaction. I was very pleased with the webpage he designed for me. He created a brand appeal that made many of my clients believe that my business was established and high end. What pleased me most was the logo he designed. Like the webpage, it has a brand appeal that looks as nice or nicer than the leaders in the tax preparation industry. Mr. Ellsworth answers calls and responds to emails promptly and makes sure that the work he does meets your specifications. All in all, I highly recommend Ellsworth Marketing to any small business which wants to expand its marketing to the next highest level. Sincerely,  


Because the Brochures are so attractive, the real estate agents have been happy to have them in their front offices and I have been more confident in meeting with them because of having the brochure to share with them. It has made all the difference. That and the web site. If you don't have a web site you don't even sound like you are serious. My friends and family have seen the website and loved it. They said it was very nice and professional.

Ann Washburn Arrowhead Celebrations

"Shaun Ellsworth is professional, fast and friendly. Not only is he an expert in internet marketing and design, he's easy to work with. When any of my clients need a web consultant, he's at the top of my list for a referral. I recommend him as a pro to any business wanting to provide more services for their clients. Shaun also pays commissions for referrals which is a great bonus. Thanks Shaun!"

Patrick Scullin Scullin Images http://scullinimages.com/

I LOVE our web site

Bryant Bergeson Civil Engineer, P.E. 48805 Kadtec.com

Now that I have attended a couple of your seminars I would like to let you know how much I enjoy your work. Your marketing ideas, both on and off the internet are fun and innovative.

My favorite part of the seminars, besides the good humor, is that there are several ideas I have gotten and begun to use right away. I especially like the “market survey” idea. I’ve been using it to contact new clients. By asking them questions and then returning to them with their own answers in hand I have made several new friends who will be my clients soon.

Thanks for all your good work. I’m looking forward to my new web site being completed soon.

Kas' Katherine A Wysocki, PhD

Great talking with you and digging deeper into the details of what you do and how it benefits clients. Thanks for all your help and I meant every word!! I look forward to landing more clients that can benefit from your expertise.

Maryann Mental Marketing

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