Special New Year's Thank You Sale

Hi Friends,

Shaun Here.

Until midnight on Monday, January 5th, you can get one of our normally $8,000, 20-page content-based, keyword-focused web pages for 25% off!

That is a savings of $2000!

You can grab your web site and save 2 grand by calling Ellsworth Marketing at (909) 963-1380 today.

We're holding this special sale as a way to say THANK YOU to all the people who have helped us in the past year :-)

Save $2000 On A New Web Site
And Get FIVE Free Bonuses!

If the $2000 discount isn't enough to get you to get a new web site for the new year, these FIVE free gifts will surely do the trick:

Bonus 1: "Monthly Specials" Button and system set up and training. This gets people to come back to your site again and again. ($200 value)

Bonus 2: Automatic mailing list builder. Works with the "monthly specials" button to build your mailing list of interested buyers ($800 value)

Bonus 3: Autoresponder series set up - 5 messages that go out automatically to anyone who signs up on your interest list. Builds trust with your visitors. ($750 value)

Bonus 4: Video production - a 2-3 minute video for online use of you explaining your business. Tell the world (literally) who you are and what you do. ($500 value)

Bonus 5: Video distribution - we will send your video to up to 10 different video sharing sites. This will build traffic and get you to rank high in Google. ($250 value)


That's a lot of goodies ... and you get this $2500 value all FREE when you get one of our web sites and save an additional $2000 off the regular price.

What do our normal, awesome web sites include?

First, we take your keywords, the terms you think people would use to find your site, and run them through Google's keyword database to find any and all related keyword phrases.

Second, our small business SEO (Search Engine Optimization) professionals filter the list by demand, competition and profitability to get only the best keyword phrases. This final list of the best keywords is then used to create a suggested map of your future site.

We give you an unfair advantage over 99% of the other small business web sites out there. Most small business web sites chase your potential clients down or try to "trick" them into visiting as they run around looking for information.

Instead, because of our small business SEO, we position your web site in the middle of the road, waiting for them because we know where they are going and we get there before them.

Third, once you approve or make changes to the site map, our professional copy writers create 20 pages of copy based on the keywords we have determined people are actually using to look for your business.

Forth, we create your 20-page, content based, keyword-focused website that draws the search engines and visitors like honey.

"So, what's this going to cost me?"

That is the best part! You are saving $2000 and getting $2500 in free bonuses. Then we break it all up so you can pay over a year - good for you and good for us. And because I like round numbers, I round in your favor and the bottom line is that you only pay $497 a month for 12 months.

That is only $497 for 12 months for a $10,500 web site. You do the math.

Don't miss out

Claim yours now before they're all gone! Seriously. Our web sites are very labor intensive and we can only do 4 at a time. This offer is limited to the first 6 people that want one.

You can schedule yours today by contacting Barry Davis now at
(951) 212-4080.

"What do I do now?"

Remember, this special sale ends at midnight on Monday, Jan 5th. If you'd like to get one of our content-based, keyword-focused web sites with the $2500 worth of online marketing bonuses that everyone is raving about ...and save $2000, then contact Barry Davis now at (951) 212-4080.

You can check out this page. It has examples of some of our recent work. For some of them we have posted their stats. They all get free traffic from the search engines! One client had over 1000 page views her second full month!

After you have spoken with Barry, you will want to come back and click this button to start your payment plan.

Click to purchase
Content-based keyword-
focused 20-page web site at
$497 a month for 12 months. 

(Total amount to be paid: $5964)

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