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Are You Ready to Kick Your Internet Marketing Up a Notch with a Small Business SEO Web Site?

Are you ready to kick your internet marketing up a notch? We can help you with our small business SEO (search engine optimization), content-based, keyword-focused search engine-magnet web sites.

First, we take your keywords, the terms you think people would use to find your site, and run them through Google's keyword database to find any and all related keyword phrases.

Second, our small business SEO professionals filter the list by demand, competition and profitability to get only the best keyword phrases. This final list of the best keywords is then used to create a suggested map of your future site.

We give you an unfair advantage over 99% of the other small business web sites out there. Most small business web sites chase your potential clients down or try to trick them into visiting as they run around looking for information. Instead, because of our small business SEO, we position your web site in the middle of the road, waiting for them because we know where they are going and we get there before them.

Third, once you approve or make changes to the site map, our professional copy writers create 20 pages of copy based on the keywords we have determined people are actually using to look for your business.

Forth, we create your 20-page, content based, keyword-focused website that draws the search engines and visitors like honey.

This is what you get:

  Price Breakdown Total Price
500-1,000 keyword list $1000 $1000
20 page site 20 x $150 $3000
Keyword focused copywriting 20 x $1000 $2000
Hosting and maintenance 20 x $49 $980
Changes made for 20 months 20 x $50 $1000
Custom domain included with hosting    

$7,980 or


We understand that almost $8000 is a lot to pay for a web site. You can pay $3000 - 4000 for a nice web site. But it won't have the keyword list, small business seo (search engine optimization), the professional copy writing or the built-in tracking that our sites have.

Before I learned and perfected small business SEO, I was just a regular web designer for years. I designed and created web sites for $3,000 - 4,000. I told my clients to advertise the site any way they knew how; on business cards, pamphlets, newspaper ads, etc. because I didn't know how to drive traffic to a site back then. Most designers don't. They want the site to look nice, and most do, but what you really need as a small business owner is a site that draws traffic.

I have figured out the secret and now our web sites draw traffic as if by magic. What our clients have experienced so far is traffic that doubles every month for the first 3-4 months. After that, traffic continues to grow like a snowball to the site.

Our first client experienced this type of traffic growth too and within 6 weeks, he was being found on the first page of Google, many times in the #1 position.

"He That Has Ears To Hear, Let Him Hear." You will know if your business is at the point where one of our small business SEO web sites is a good fit for you. For those who roll your eyes at the price, you just aren't ready yet. We are OK with that. We wish you luck on your internet marketing and hope you visit us when your business is at the stage when something like this makes sense.

For those of you that know this is a match made in heaven, don't click on the "Buy Now" button just yet. Please contact us first so we can answer any questions you may have. It might be a good idea to bookmark this page so you can come back to it after we have answered all your questions and you are ready to put your internet marketing into hyper-drive.

Until then,

Shaun Ellsworth

Official PayPal Seal If you have already spoken with us and all your questions have been answered and you want a website that generates crazy amounts of traffic, please click the button below to get started. This button puts you on a subscription plan that charges your credit card $399 a month for 20 months. After the 20 months, we will discuss a maintenance plan for you that includes hosting, statistics, (optional) analysis and continued content generation and Internet marketing.


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