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Marketing Resources

Following is a list of many of the resources we use when doing our internet marketing.

Market Research

We use SBI's BrainstormIt when searching for popular keywords. Follow the link and watch "BrainStomIt" on Day Two to see how it works. It is the only SEO tool I use.

Go to's magazine pages to see what is popular.

Web Design

Of course, we recommend ourselves. We do a great job of getting people listed high in Google for their keywords. Visit our portfolio pages to see our latest work.

Auto Responder

We think AWeber is fantastic. They have been our autoresponder system for years. we have never had any trouble with them and they are very easy to use. They even have video tutorials to get you started.

Web Hosting

That is the beauty of SBI. They provide fantastic tools, like BrainstormIt AND web hosting. In fact, BrainStormIt is included in the price of hosting. that is a $300 value for free. Can't beat that. Here is a page that talks about web hosting specifically.

Article Submission

iSnare is a great article submission site. they get your articles out to the masses quickly and they are quite affordable. With one click you can send your articles out to hundreds of sites. It is a great way to drive traffic to your site.


Here are a few e-books I use when I copywrite. They are written by the true masters.

Magic Words that Make You Rich is written by Ted Nicolas, the Billion Dollar Man. He is an old school copywriting genius from the direct marketing days. Great stuff.

Hypnotic Marketing by Joe Vitale is wonderful. He talks about how to hypnotise your reader by using certain words to influence them to buy your product or service. A must read if you are going to write your own sales copy.


If you are in a hurry and want to get free content (absolutely not recommended, but I can't stop you now can I?)

PLR Wholesaler is a good place to get free articles as is ReSell Rights Mastery. You can also download the free stuff and use it as the basis for your own writing. I recommend that. you can also combine things and make an book or something. Or you can turn around and just sell it as is... or give it away as a bonus. Millions of uses for plr content.

Internet Marketing Gurus

I follow everything these two say.

Frank Kern is a genius. That is all there is to it. He recently released a series of videos that will knock your socks off. Sign up on his list because he is always making fabulous videos with free advice.

Russel Brunson is another guy I follow. He is always pushing the envelope and coming up with great ideas. Love his stuff too. you can visit his site and he will send you a free CD with great information. You should check it out if you are serious about marketing on the internet.


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