Google Changes Local Search

Google has recently changed the way local search works for local business. Instead of having to type in the business and location the visitor is searching for, searchers can type the business category they are looking for and Google local will show up to 7 local businesses on the very first page of the search rankings. It is like a "Go to the front of the line" pass.

By default, the link that is displayed for the lucky 7 local businesses will be the Google "Places" page. This can be changed if the places page is "claimed" by the local business.

Google has released information about what they look at when they rank local businesses. Here is a video that explains how they decide what businesses to put into the "Lucky 7" listings. The important info is in the beginning. Some of the services they mention later they have discontinued.

So, in short, Google looks at three things when they are ranking sites:

1) Citations, or mentions of a website around the web. This can be in directories, online yellow pages, forums, data collection sites, and more. These citations need to be on sites related to your industry.

2) Recommendations. There are many recommendation sites, based on your industry where people can write reviews of your services. The more good reviews you have, the higher Google may place you in the search results.

3) Your location.

Are you showing up on the first page of the Google search engine rankings?

If not, IdeaBox Marketing can help you with your local search rankings. We claim your local places pages on Google, Yahoo and Bing. Then, on a monthly basis, we increase the citations about your business around the web on related sites. Finally, we provide postcards for you to collect good reviews from your happy customers. We take the reviews and scan them and post the images online. Then we transcribe the best reviews and post them to important review sites for you.

If you would like more information about our local search services, call us at (951) 212-4080.

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