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How To Market Online Recordings

From time to time, we create "How To Market Online" recordings. When a customer of ours is having success with their web site, we interview them and see what they're doing to generate traffic, make sales, whatever.

How To Send Crazy Amounts of Traffic To Your Web Site and Turn Them into Buyers

The first recording in the series is with Allan of Riverside Discount Furniture. We built Allan's web site about 4 months before this recording and his traffic was growing normally. All of a sudden, there was a surge of traffic and visitors and he was selling a significant amount of product from the web site! He says that 1/3 of his profit is coming from the buyers who found him from the web site.

He is using the potential of the Internet and his web site to convert visitors into buyers, which seems to be a common problem among web site owners. So I called him up and asked what in the world was going on and how he was getting the traffic we were seeing. This is what he said...

Click the play button to listen to our call.
(It is less than 12 minutes long) -->

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