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ebook Internet Marketing Strategy

There are as many ways to market an ebook as there are reasons to write one. You can write one to make money. you can write one to build your interest list. You can write one to drive traffic to your web site or to market your product or services. You can write one to become famous and have people respect you. The reasons and possibilities are endless.

If you want to make money, you will need an ebook Internet marketing strategy. You will want to have a great sales page that you have tweaked so that you have a high conversion rate. You need to have traffic on your site so that you can convert those visitors.

Drive traffic to your site

Offer an affiliate program offering a great deal to affiliates. I have seen progras that are as high as 75% to the affiliate. It is an ebook. what are your costs per sale? Nothing! You don't have to print anything. you can afford to give away most of the money if your affiliates help generate volume.

Set up a Paid search campaign on Google or Yahoo! optimize your keywords so that you are getting people who are very likely to buy. Make your offer relevent to the visitor. Don't advertise one thing to get them there and then switch the offer or focus when they get there. To track what works, you can have each paid ad point to a unique landing page with a custom sales letter. Track the response and polish the one that pulls or converts the most.

I have seen big companies advertise a deal and then when you go to the url link, it dumps you into their main home page. You have to then look for the button or link that sends you to the special deal. That is ridiculous! If you tell them there is a deal, take them right to it. Make the whole process as simple as possible for the buyer. You are a small company, and as such are quick and nimble. Beat the big dogs at their game.

Have a keyword search so that you know what people are looking for. Having a solid list of relevant keywords from WordTracker or SBI! is probably the best weapon in your arsenal. With a list of what real internet visitors are looking for in real time, you can spin your sales copy so that your ebook is EXACTLY what they are looking for. Your keyword list is also necessary for a good AdWords campaign.

Make it easy for them to buy with multiple ways to purchase. is a very popular ebook seller. they can accept most forms of payment.

Give your book Away

Why would you ever want to give your book away? It depends on your ebook Internet Marketing Strategy. Think about it. If you have a bigger and better product you want to sell your visitors, you can give the book away as an enticement. In the ebook, you can talk about your bigger project. don't make it one big slaes letter. give the reader real value. they will see you as an expert and selling them the next big thing will be made many times easier if they already trust you and respect your opinion because they have read your free ebook.

Your free ebook can also be an enticement to get them to give you their contact information. "We have a free 56 page book on XYZ. It is free to you. You can download it now. Just give fill out this form so we know where to send it." Another way I have seen this played out is, "Get your free ebook. Just give us the emails of 2, 3, 6 people you know that might be interested in hearing about this". If they want your book bad enough, they will sell out their friends. I know, because I have.

Seth Godin uses this strategy to share his ideas and has become very rich and famous as an internet marketer in the process. Take a look at the form below where you can download a free ebook called "Traffic Overdrive" This internet marketing ebook explains how to get more internet traffic to your site. Free ebook = more traffic. As a special bonus, I am also giving away Seth Godin's free ebooks. They are fantastic and contain good hard information about how to market using ebooks.

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