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How to Create Content Pages

**If you are looking for free web site content to create content pages, please jump down and read the last few paragraphs on this page. I think that is what you are looking for.**

It’s no secret. Content is king. We all know this to be true. On the Internet, people are looking for information and answers to their questions. You need to create content pages that give that information to your visitors.

How many times have you been trying to find free content only to be waylaid by useless pages of advertisements? Things that have nothing to do with what you want. Or pages of links that lead in circles. How frustrating.

You want your website content to be different, to be unique, and most of all you want to create content pages that put your web site at the very top of the search results page when a customer is looking for your product or information. This is why content is king.

Search engines love pages with good free web site content because that’s what consumers want, to find free content. Those fancy pages with all those lists of links don’t stay at the top of the list for very long. So, lots of premium content equals lots of traffic. Your job is to create content pages that are worth visiting.

What exactly defines premium content? And what is the best way to convince your customers that you are the internet content provider best suited to their needs? Keep your content fresh, current and accurate. There are several ways to do this. Here are some popular content ideas.

  • Informative engaging articles are the main ingredient for success. The consumer is after information, and will continue to visit your site if they know you have accurate up-to-date information.
  • Don’t have time to create create content pages yourself? You can and should hire a content writer at a site like
  • When you create your content pages, make sure you embed Key Words in your articles, product descriptions, and metatags can help customers find you on search engines.
  • A blog or web log is also a good idea. It allows you to disseminate information as it becomes available in a low-maintenance user-friendly fashion. Here is a link to my marketing blog. (I don't write in it as much as I should - or you should for that matter, but do as I say and not as I do!) ;-)
  • Creating content pages using audio and visual content, such as podcasts, videos, and pictures, allows your consumer base to get in touch with you on a personal visual level, and lets them get to know you as a person.
  • Surveys and polls will not only get your consumers involved, but will also let you know what their interests and suggestions are. this information is invaluable as you create more products and services for your customers. You know what they want. all you have to do is provide it and they will buy it. Wow. What a concept.
  • Let your customers get to know each other with a message board. Make sure you spend some time on there yourself moderating and filtering. If you don’t, your board may become a haven for SPAM bots. A vibrant message board will even allow you to collect testimonials that you can post on your home page. Just make sure you have permission first!
  • Word of mouth is still the best advertising. Encourage users to post their own reviews. Just be sure you keep abreast of what’s being posted to your page, and be sure to set up a SPAM filter.

Creating content pages that are both accurate and up to date is the best way to ensure a heavy flow of traffic to your page. It makes your visitors happy, you become an expert in their eyes and it makes the search engines happy. Good content is a win-win for everyone.

Using Private Label Rights Articles to Create Content Pages

***All of the content on this site is copyrighted and may not be used to create content pages on your web site.***

That having been siad, know that you can find good web content providers that offer free private label content to use on your site. Below are a few "Private Label Rights" sites that I use myself. I use them to get ideas when I create content pages. I might use them as a suggested layout, so I save having to do that step. I read their content and create content pages based on that.Sometimes I use the products and give them away as-is for bonuses or incentives.

Following are two sites I am really happy with:

I have arranged with Edmund Loh for you to get a free gold membership. Of course the idea is to get you to upgrade to their platinum service down the road, but for my purposes, I find the gold Membership to be plenty. Click here for your free Lifetime Gold Membership. They have tons of free content you can repurpose like I have mentioned above.

Another one that I find is really good is Gabor Olah's site: Gabor has a whole page once you sign in showing you how you can make money with his affiliate site. It is actually a pretty cool arrangement. He has content that covers a wide range of subjects so you can create content pages within a wide variety of niches. You can find articles on everything from diamonds to travel to scrapbooking to self improvement. It is like going to the library and pulling a book off the shelf and knowing you have permission to copy everything in the book for your purposes.

He has agreed to set up a free sign-up page for my visitors and they have tons of free content. I downloaded several gigs of articles and ebooks from him for free. Of course, you get what you pay for and I will be looking into his paid product in the future. His writing is very good. Here is the link again for the free membership.

The only problem with using free website content "as-is" is that Goggle penalizes you for using duplicate information. If you use free web content that has been used on 100, 200, 500 other sites, Goggle will find out and penalize your site. You will be in worse shape than if you didn’t have enough content. No one knows for sure, but I understand that if you change at least 1/3 of the article you should be OK.I would shoot for at least half. Just do what you did in High School, read a paragraph and then create content pages it in your own words making sure to include your keywords. Repeat.

If you give it away as a downloadable product, you don't have to change it except to put your name on it if you want to. Check your resell/reprint rights. Many of them let you sell the product if you want to. The book I am giving away below comes with reprint and resell rights. It is free. This is a good way to get started.

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