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PPC Search Engine Advertising

Pay per click advertising or PPC search engine advertising is a great way to drive traffic to your web site by paying for visitors.

Depending on your market niche and keywords, you can pay anything from a few cents per click to several dollars for each visitor. The great thing is that you only pay for actual results. You also set your budget , so you really can control how many clicks you are willing to pay for.

My wife launched a new real estate video business. It is an offline business, but she has a web site and decided to advertise her services using PPC search engine advertising. She was just starting out and had a small budget, so she set her budget at $1 per day or $30 per month. In three months she has gotten 8 jobs just from her dollar a day pay per click campaign! She also got 54 clicks and 147,358 "impressions" This means the ads show up but don't get clicked on. You don't pay for those but people are still seeing your ad.

How does PPC Search Engine Advertising Work?

Visit Google and do a search. It doesn't matter what you search for. Once the search results come up, you will see a column of results on the right hand side. Those are called "sponsored links."

They are ads that webmasters and internet marketers are paying for. They pay to have the ads there in the hopes that a searcher like yourself will click on them and visit their site and see their products or services.

Let's take a look at an example:

Let's say you are in the market for a unicycle so you can train for the circus. You want to do some research and find the best buy. You do a search for "unicycle" on Google. On the page that comes up, you see the regular results, but you also see the sponsored ads.

The ad links are there because unicycle merchants that sell unicycles or unicycle accessories have bid, in an auction, for the term "unicycle." The highest bidders' ads show up closer to the top in the best positions.

These unicycle dealers paid money to be on that page because they know they have exactly what you are looking for. Can you think of a more convenient way to buy or sell something?

What about your own business? Are there keywords someone would use to look for what you have to sell? If so, then you can also use PPC search engine advertising to buy ads that drive traffic to your web site. Just use those same keywords.

We use Google in our example, but actually, there are many PPC search engine advertising networks on the internet ready to assist you with your pay per click marketing. Here is a list of some of the big ones:

-Google Adwords-Yahoo Search Marketing-MSN Ad Center-Chitika-Miva

The ins and outs of Google Ad Words

Of those pay-per-click engines, my favorite by far is Google AdWords. Let me introduce you to a guy that really knows Google AdWords inside and out. His name is Chris Carpenter, and he has put together a great program called Google Cash 3rd edition that helps you navigate the AdWords waters. He shows you, step-by-step, exactly how to use Google's AdWords system to get traffic and make money.

It is a very impressive program. Honestly, I wish I had written it, but I don't have time for everything. ;-) I love that the program includes 24 instructional videos. Why read when you can watch, right? You can learn more about it at his web site here.

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