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Internet Marketing Classes

We are working to provide internet marketing classes here. But for now, I know where you can take what I consider to be a masters course in internet marketing while you set up your page at the same time. I have mentioned them before, but Dr. Ken Evoy's SBI! is a fantastic way to break into internet marketing. I have personally learned so much from him and his system.

The way it works, you pay for a year of the program and that includes hosting! I can't quote the price because it might change at any time.Currently, it costs as much as decent web hosting at a normal hosting company. It costs just a little more than a year subscription to the keyword analytic software, Word Tracker - and Dr. Evoy has a tool that replaces WordTracker - included in the price! Take a look at Day 3 of the action guide to see how the Brainstormer tool works.

Part of the Solo Build It! system is a 10-day Action Guide that ALSO comes with the program! The book is over 200 pages long, but I am lazy and opted for the video version of the action guide. I sat for days taking notes and listening to every word of the action guide. It is fantastic. If you want internet marketing classes, you could do a lot worse than watching Dr. Ken Evoy's 10- day Action Guide.

The 10-day action guide is free to watch. A lot of it shows how to use Dr. Evoy's system, of course, but there is a lot of great basic internet marketing information. If you are interested in internet marketing courses, take a look at Solo Build It! here.

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