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How to use Internet marketing blogs to drive traffic

Internet marketing blogs are a great way to drive traffic to your web site. If you aren't writing one now, you should start. Search engines love blogs and many times blogs show up very high in search engine results.

Knowing this, you can start one or many blogs to direct traffic into your main web site. You can build a blog as a part of your existing site or you can create it so that it is stand-alone.

Either way will work fine, but remember to add links in your writing that point back to your main site. Don't just link to the home page, but pepper links that direct your reader back to many of your pages so that most of your site is represented.

I recommend Blogger or WordPress to create your new blog. They are both easy to learn and use and they both have great features and you can customize either one with templates.

You can host the blog on their server or on your own server. I recommend the latter because your url will look more professional and reliable.

On Blogger, your domain will be:

And on WordPress, your domain will be:

But if you host it on your server, your domain will be:

Having a dedicated domain to host your blog is easier for your readers to remember and will look more professional.

Another reason to host your blog on your own server is really important. Perhaps more important than the above reason. Sometimes, blogs hosted on the services' server will just up and disappear. There is no reason. It is just gone. What a shame to lose all your hard work for no apparent reason.

Tips for writing a successful blog

You can write about anything, but it should relate to the web site that you are linking to. Write about something you are passionate about. For example, I would write a search engine marketing blog or internet marketing blogs.

Let your personality show. Ken Evoy of Solo Build It! calls it using your "voice." A boring blog won't make much of a stir. Don't be afraid of taking a stand. Start a little controversy and get people talking about you and your blog.

Post regularly - at least a couple of times a week. I regularly read a blog by Seth Godin, a great marketer, and he posts several times a day, a few days a week. If you don't post often, you can lose your following very quickly.

Add an RSS feed so visitors can subscribe to your blog. When you post to your blog, they get an automatic notification to check it out.

Another internet marketing blog tip:

Search for and read other blogs in your niche. Add your comments to their posts. Most blogs will allow you to add your url to your comment. That link points back to your site and builds your incoming links. It is useful for building relationships with others in your industry. (Do I hear joint ventures?) Use this, but don't abuse it. No one likes SPAM links or sales pitches.

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