Google +1 Button, Blessing or Curse?

Don't get me wrong.

I like Google. A lot.

It is just that you need to know what Google is up to so you can use it to get visitors to your web site.

Google just launched a "+1" button. It works like a Facebook "Like" button. They plan to use it to track what websites people like so they can include the human element into providing relevant search results for searchers. Great Idea? Don't know.

It depends on if you like Google watching your every move. HOwever, in the marketing world that is a mute point. You need Google too LOVE your site and the only way they will is if other people love your site. That is why they are depending on this social media technology to tell them what sites people actually like.

You can't afford not to have these buttons (+1 and Like) on your site. They are fast becoming a very important element in how the search engines see your site.

You need to add the button to your site manually. Click here to visit the official Google +1 page that explains what is going on and gives you the code you need to have to install the button. They have an FAQ page as well that explains a lot.

Here is a quick video that gives the low down:

If you don't want to install the code yourself, Ellsworth Marketing would be happy to help. We can add the code to your current website for the +1 button for a discounted price of $47. For $77, we will add both the Google +1 button and a Facebook "Like" button to your current website. Let Barry know if you need a hand. We recommend you do it because the more +1 hits and "likes" you get, the more your site will stand out. Both to Google and to human visitors.

Happy Marketing!

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