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To have a complete internet marketing strategy, you can't be without an email direct marketing tool. I use AWeber and SBI! for mine and they work great.

We have used Aweber for years and love them. they specialize in maintaining mailing lists and sending automatic messages with an autoresponder. you can also send broadcast messages.

SBI! is our hosting company. They offer so many tools with their hosting, you won't even believe it. they have mailing list, autoresponder and broadcast message capabilities.

The idea behind an email direct marketing tool is to build a relationship with your visitors. Let them get to know you by constantly being in contact.

A lot of people wonder if they should email their potential customers. My answer is that if you don't email them, your competition will.

Also, I am sure you have the same experience I do. There are some newsletters I subscribe to that I love to hear from them. I read every word of their newsletters because they are really good and informative. They are relative to me and my interests.

There are other newsletters I get that I delete every other one and the ones I do read, I scan over and then delete them. this is because they might have something of interest for me, but for the most part, they are boring and irrelevant.

Thus we see that your goal as an internet marketer is to make your newsletters extremely relative to your readers. You can't be everything to every one, so be the must-read newsletter for whoever you decide your market is.

If your contact with your visitors is informative and important to them, your internet email marketing will not be seen as intrusive.

But I digress...

Ways to use an email internet marketing service

First, in order to use email marketing, you need to capture your visitors' contact information. You can do this by offering a free newsletter or ebook. the idea is that you offer something valuable enough to the visitor that they will be willing to trade their information for it.

Once you have their information, you don't bombard them with sales offers. You become their friend. Most internet email marketing providers have what is called an autoresponder. This email marketing tool is very valuable in developing that friendship. You can set it up once and it will send out a string of messages to your visitor.

This is one way you can set it up:

After they download your free ebook or whatever, the forst one automatically goes out thanking them for visiting your site, letting them know that their ebook is on its way.

A couple of days later, another one goes out asking if they received your ebook or introductory newsletter. Do they have any comments or questions?

A few more days, maybe a little longer gap this time, and you let them know you have some more information they might be interested in. This one should probably be free, but don't make a habit of it - your information is valuable.

This goes on for a little while and before long, they think you are their best friend. that is the magic of an email autoresponder. As a member of a select group, you offer them your paid deals first as a discounted price, and more. You treat the people on your mailing list special. They are gold.

The beauty of this email marketing tool is that you only have to set those messages up once! It sounds like a lot of writing and follow up, but you only do it once. then you put it in the system and it goes out every time someone signs up for your free offer, day or night, 365 days a year. And you only had to figure it out once.

We can help you get that up and running if you don't have the time. We can offer email marketing agency services for any size of business.If you use the tools we have mentioned here, I know you will be successful, but if you just don't have the time, this is what we do.

What about bulk email internet marketing?

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