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Bulk email Internet Marketing

Don't SPAM people.

It just isn't nice and it will make more enemies than it gets customers. It is just bad business when it is much easier to nurture new customers a little bit at a time, tuning them into life-long customers.

I know blasting out a mass email campaign is tempting. I am sitting on a list of all 26,000 real estate agents in Riverside county. I could send them an email that would even be relevant to their business, but I just can't bring myself to do it. I would much rather build my permission-based list of people who really want to hear from me because I have something good to offer.

What we mean when we talk about bulk email internet marketing, mass mail and other phrases, is sending your newsletter out to your growing list. What happens when you get a huge opt-in list of customers you have nurtured and informed? Then you can send out really huge mass emailings to your customers - and they are looking forward to it!

Are they more likely to buy? You bet! They are your friends. Friends buy from friends. They will listen to what you have to say.

Offer great information to your mailing list and they will look forward to getting your email newsletters.

Years ago, I received traffic generating ideas from a newsletter called "Trafficology." It was fantastic and I waited for it every month. When the author upsold an ebook called "1,000 ways to make money", I bought it and was happy I did.

Send good valuable information and people will be waiting for your "bulk email internet marketing."

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